What is Head Candy?

Head Candy is a hard boiled sweet made from sugar, glucose syrup and natural plant extracts.

How does Head Candy work?

The unique combination of plant extracts in the sweet, stimulate mechanical receptors found in the mouth, to deliver a pleasing tingling or buzzing sensation. This process re-sensitizes certain chemical receptors found in your taste buds, helping users experience flavours much more clearly.

How long does Head Candy take to work?

Typically 15-minutes after finishing a sweet, users should experience clearer and more pronounced vape flavours. If this is not the case, we suggest you wait up to 30-mins after finishing a sweet, to enjoy your vape flavours again.

What flavour is Head Candy?

That’s a tricky one! When we give Head Candy to 10-different people we get 8-different responses as to what the flavour is. This unusual situation is made even more interesting by the fact most people experience multiple flavour changes as they consume the sweet!

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

A loss of flavour sensation associated with over-consumption of a single or small number of vape liquids. This manifests itself as flavours going flat or becoming less complex, as sense of taste diminishes.

Why do you lose flavour when you vape?

Over exposure of chemoreceptors to the same stimuli (i.e. constant use of one vape liquid) results in a build-up of elevated levels of key neuro transmitters such as ATP, leading to desensitization of receptor sites responsible for sending taste signals to the brain.

How often should I take Head Candy?

If you’re suffering from Vaper’s Tongue a single sweet is usually sufficient to re-sensitize your taste buds. However, to get the best out of your e-liquids and prevent the inevitable diminishing sense of taste, we suggest consuming 1-sweet a day.

Any other uses for Head Candy?

We’ve built up quite a following in the gaming community and amongst courier drivers, who report Head Candy works surprisingly well as a natural lift, keeping them energized over long sessions in front of the screen or behind the wheel.

How long does shipping take?

UK shipping usually takes 2-3 days. International shipping usually takes 5-days.


Enjoy the Buzz!!