Vaper’s Tongue – A Revolutionary Cure

Vaper’s tongue is when taste receptors become desensitized from excessive exposure to E-Liquids, leading to a partial or total loss of flavour sensation. Vaper’s tongue is a relatively common occurrence amongst regular vapers, which although temporary in nature, can be disconcerting. Get deep into the science with our animation and technical explanation of vaper’s tongue below:

Cure Vaper’s Tongue

Suffering Vaper’s Tongue or experiencing a loss of flavour from your vape liquid?

Can you be sure you’re getting the true flavours from your e-liquids?


  • Losing all or part of the flavour from high use of a liquid is a common problem afflicting many people who enjoy vaping, a phenomenon classically known as the dreaded vaper’s tongue.
  • Often people don’t realise they are not experiencing the full flavour of their favourite liquids due to over-use.
  • Can you remember what your liquids tasted like when you first discovered them?
  • Can you be sure you are still enjoying the same level of flavour?


  • Taste in the mouth is derived from chemoreceptors in the taste buds which monitor and respond to their neighbouring chemical environment. In reaction to a range of chemical stimuli these receptors generate signals to the brain – a fundamental part of taste perception.
  • In addition to these chemoreceptors there are certain nerve fibres that play a role in taste perception. Commonly experienced examples include hot-sensitive and cool-sensitive fibres. The former being triggered by substances such as Capsicum (Chillies), the latter by Menthol. Vaper’s tongue is a breakdown of this process, stemming from over exposure of chemoreceptors to the same stimuli (i.e. constant use of one vape liquid) resulting in a build-up of elevated levels of key neuro transmitters such as ATP. This leads to desensitization of receptor sites responsible for sending taste signals to the brain. A classic symptom of vaper’s tongue.


  • We realised conventional methods which seek to address de-sensitized (Vaper’s Tongue) or over-adapted (dulling of flavour) pallets, addressed the superficial problem rather than the root cause of taste and vaper’s tongue.
  • Coffee, milk, menthol and citrus liquids have all been tried as classic remedies for vaper’s tongue, with what appear to be patchy and inconsistent results in re-enhancing flavour. And all of these methods are typically recommended for 1-4 days before results can be judged. We believe this is because all these methods aim at superficially re-orientating your sense of taste rather than re-sensitizing your taste receptors when suffering from vaper’s tongue.
    Our discovery was that by stimulating mechanical receptors associated with taste, we were able to dramatically and rapidly improve people’s perception of flavour.
  • So how do we do it? Head Candy’s unique combination of plant extracts, re-sensitize taste receptors, including hot, cold and mechanical. Users will experience stimulation of both their hot and cold receptors as well as a unique “buzzing” sensation, as Head Candy resets your taste buds – in minutes not days. A revolutionary cure for vaper’s tongue.


  • Need for speed? 15-mins after finishing the sweet your favourite flavours flood back.
  • Suffer from a dry mouth? Head Candy will act as a natural salivation aid.
  • Seeking a novel taste experience? The unique tingling sensation interacts with your taste buds to deliver an ever-changing flavour profile.
  • Head Candy – the 15 minute cure for vaper’s tongue.